Nestled in the heart of India - Delhi/NCR, Mother’s Pride High School is a highly progressive school committed to providing quality education by laying emphasis on child-centred learning. One of the most valuable assets of life is knowledge and with its philosophy of 'To Learn is To Rise', Mother's Pride High School aims at creating an enriching environment where knowledge rules supreme.

The school visualises an educational system which helps the students attain excellence in all aspects of life so that as they step out of school, they are all geared up to rise above all with a belief in self and desire to serve humanity. A perfect blend of a scientifically designed curriculum as well as a plethora of co-curricular activities provides students with avenues to be creative and innovative as well as enables them to discover their talent.

Our dedicated faculty lead the students to the portals of knowledge and passionately works towards nurturing their intellectual curiosity with a focus on all round development in a stimulating environment that integrates practical, artistic, social, and academic experiences.


With a belief that every child has his/her unique potential, Mother’s Pride High School is the first launchpad towards their success. We encourage the students to set their eyes on their goals and keep rising towards them against all odds with sheer hard work, courage and optimism.